Hello my name is: RUDDI

I want to draw, I want to paint… in fact it has been so ever since I could hold a pencil.  I have always had a tremendous urge to draw and paint on any available surface. Whether it was the door on the school toilet or it has been a commissioned wall. In any case, the need to tell the world that I am present has driven me to whom I am today.

In my younger years it was the comics that caught my attention. I became immersed in the colorful booklets and loved studying the lines, so it was quite natural that the characters became my focal point. They seemed endless in its expression and everyone can understand the characters.

Back in 1985 I discovered the graffiti universe and since I first touched a spray can, graffiti and street-art has had a major impact on my life. A colorful universe with few rules and no authority.

With a background as an Art director, I work with graphics and concepts. I love to create logos for companies, where it is precisely the simplicity and easily recognizable look/icons that make the difference. So it’s probably a natural path my characters have taken, the simplified black out line that creates my recognizability.

Later in my painting career, the rebellion subsided and I have focused on painting canvases. Now canvas painting has opened up a new universe of techniques and possibilities. It gives me time for reflection and in my studio I can dive in and develop what’s mine. During the past years, my art work has been in several galleries and art museums around the country.

Creativity is not easy to hold back and who knows where it takes me in the future.


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